Naira Agvanean

Naira Agvanean was born in Erevan, Armenia. In 2014 she was promoted to Grand Sujet at the Dutch National Ballet. She has been with the Dutch National Ballet since 2008, when she became aspirant. After that she was promoted in 2009 to élève, 2010 corps de ballet and in 2012 she was promoted to coryphée.

She started her training at the State Ballet College in Moldavia. After that she moved to München, Germany, to start her ballet education at the Heinz Bösl Stiftung Ballet Academy.
Naira participated in the Youth America Grand Prix and became a finalist in 2004. She also competed in the 5. Otr-Contest Wien in Austria in 2004. Here she was awarded with a bronze medal.

Her repertoire contains:
• Swan Lake Rudi van Dantzing Pas des trois, Pas des six, little swans, Neapolitan etc.
• La Bayadere N. Makarova Trio shades, pas de action etc.
• Don Quixote A. Ratmansky Cupid, Juanita (2 friends), grand pas ladies etc.
• Sleeping Beauty Sir Peter Wright Fairy num. 4 and 5, Blue Bird, Cat etc.
And many more!




Naira Agvanean

What I find most important for my students to learn is that when they enter the studio they need to be able to focus, observe and learn in order to continuously improve.

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