ActDance Posture Studio


Because we know that a non-violent dance teaching method that
works with the dancer’s body and life is possible in the service of art.

ActDance Posture is an organisation based in Paris that specialises in the physical and emotional health of the artist.

My work is based on the research of Roger-W Sperry, a neuro-physiologist accorded the 1984 Nobel Prizewinner for Medicine for his work on posture, the oxygenation of the brain, the necessary harmonisation of the metabolism with the proper functioning of organisms, thought and creation.

My work is based on four key points:
• Health and technique

• Freedom and development of the artist.
• Understanding of the language, of the meaning of the gesture, of the coherence of the role, of the intention.
• Respect for the author, authenticity in the service of art

ActDance Posture Studio offers a full week workshop Néo-classique et Graham technique in Paris, as a prize to one of the competitors.

Master Class Graham For Europe / ActDance Posture – September 2018.

Master Class Graham For Europe / ActDance Posture – September 2018 from Graham For Europe on Vimeo.

How to prepare for big stages and travel through space…Comment se préparer aux grandes scènes et voyager….Throw back to September 2019, teaching workshops during one week and sharing the ActDance Posture philosophy at the Koninklijke Balletschool Antwerpen / Royal Ballet School of Antwerp

Geplaatst door ACTDANCE POSTURE – Médecine pour artistes op Dinsdag 28 januari 2020

ActDance Posture / Forsythe

Workshop ACTDANCE POSTURE – Médecine pour artistes / Forsythe 🙏🏼Part of ActDance Studio Paris intensives. Further information: workshop was by Ginny Kolesnyk Hendricksen, former Soloist of the Royal Ballet of Flanders. She was a member of William Forsythe’s Ballett Frankfurt from 2001-2003. Mr. FORSYTHE has generously given her permission to teach his repertoire in workshops and his improvisation technologies. The workshop was accompanied by Marie-Christine Devineau, founder of ActDance Posture, who comments on aspects of dance technique, artistry, and health.

Geplaatst door ACTDANCE POSTURE – Médecine pour artistes op Donderdag 23 mei 2019