Origin story

Coda originates from the passion of classical ballet. At Coda we like to share this passion for the art of classical dance. Because we like to see dancers grow in this art form, we wanted to set up an organization that can help with this. An organization that focuses on the classical dancer. In this way we would like to share our knowledge and expertise with the dancers.
Coda wants to offer a platform where the dancer can grow by learning from each other. That is why Coda organizes master classes and competitions with international jury members. Because of this, Coda wants to offer the dancers a day where they can share their passion for dance with other dancers, test themselves and especially grow within the dance they love.

The Competition

The idea of organizing a competition that focuses on the classical dance form specifically came because we feel that there is a need for it within the dance competition market.
There are already many organizations that focus on the dance market in general, but with Coda we wanted to focus specifically on “classical dance” because we think that this art form requires a very different approach.
What is very important to us within the competition is that the dancer mainly experiences that it is a test for himself. This gives the dancer insight into the level at which he or she is dancing and where the jury still sees points for improvement. Because the highly educated judges can look at things differently, they will be able to give feedback to the dancers in a different way than a coach or teacher would do this.
The jury members from all over the world come together to share their passion for classical dance. They will assess the dancers during the competitions and thereby provide useful feedback to the dancers. In addition, these jury members provide the master classes in which they will each explain a different workshop or dance course to the dancers