Picturelifestyle Photography

by Jos Karouw.

My biggest hobby is photography and I started doing this from 2005. I started photographing landscapes, but soon I was asked to photograph horse competitions and sports competitions of the Gymnastics Union.
Besides the competitions, I also do a lot of model photography.
A lot of my portfolio work consist of working with models, especially dancers.

The first ballet competition I’ve photographed was in 2010. In 2016, I started for another dance competition called Dance Stars. With all these competitions and model photography, my time became limited and I decided to stop with the photography of horse competitions.

I like dance photography, because of the graceful movements in combination with the emotion.
Capturing that combination every time is a challenge I like to take.

Jos will be the official photographer of the Coda Competition on the 8th of March.

He will offer a professional ballet photoshoot to one of our winners from the pre-pro solo competition

Visit his website or instagram for more information or watch the photos below.